Let Diwakar Performing Arts Group build your confidence for that magical moment as your friends and family surround you for your first dance together as husband and wife.

Our professional choreographer can offer you expert advice in determining whether a choreographed routine is best for you or a dance style you prefer. We can help you learn a few basic steps or choreograph the whole routine. Whether you want simple instruction or choreographed dances, we are here to help you!

Bring us your personally selected wedding song and we’ll choreograph a dance routine that best fits the music.

Can’t Decide? We can also custom mix a medley for you according to your requests and needs.

Our private lessons range from 3 to 5 sessions based on your learning capacity and ability to learn the routine. We will determine the number of lessons at the first session.

Your “First Dance” will last 3 to 5 minutes but remain an everlasting memory.

Call our studio for more information, 215-863-1360