Mr. Anil C Diwakar began teaching Bollywood and Classical Indian Dance in the early 90’s. His goal always was to teach his students young, old and famous the proper form of dance. As time carried on thru the 90’s into the 2000’s newer styles of dance evolved as did Mr. Diwakar’s dance instruction. Essential to keeping up with the new trends, Mr. Diwakar faithfully graduated his teaching abilities by continuing his own dance education striving to weave the newer styles of Bollywood Dance into his foundational, true to the art form of dance, keeping his mantra to teaching proper technique, form and style. Mr. Diwakar has further invested his dance education to include both international and national dance forms studying under esteemed choreographers and instructors.

He holds intensive experience in Bollywood mixed with Folk, Punjabi, Filmy, and International forms including intensive experience with Tango, Salsa, Meringue, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Street-funk, Jazz and Indian Classical form Kathak. He fervently challenges his students to greater heights to capture dance with a strong spirit. Not only does he teach his students dance forms, he also teaches them self-discipline, confidence and respect for the art of dance.

Armed with these core values, his students build the confidence needed to perform their very best on stage. Within the last 15 years, Mr. Anil C Diwakar has taught thousands of students in the USA as well as India including many famous Bollywood stars



Vitasti Sheth, a versatile dancer who effortlessly merges the enchanting realms of Bollywood and semiclassical dance. With a natural flair for these captivating genres, Vitasti brings a unique blend of traditional grace and modern flair to every performance.

Her expertise shines through in meticulously crafted Bollywood classes tailored for kids, youth, and adults. Seamlessly infuse the grace of semiclassical dance with the vivacity of Bollywood rhythms, creating an enchanting experience that resonates particularly with adult learners.

Join Vitasti on a dance journey that celebrates the magic of Bollywood and the poise of semiclassical dance

Susan, born and raised in NJ, wears many hats in the entertainment industry. She’s an actress, singer, dancer, choreographer, and performer, contributing her talents to the realms of dance, film, and music. The bulk of her training was cultivated on stages across NYC and NJ studios, as well as within dance companies.

Her profound passion lies in revealing the beauty within people through the art of dance, welcoming dancers of all types and levels. Susan’s greatest joy is nurturing the movement of beginners, helping them unlock their hidden superpower as they groove. Her dedication finds expression in guiding others towards fulfilling roles, such as teaching, coaching, and fitness instruction. With her extensive experience, Susan has evolved into an accomplished educator and influencer, inspiring others like her to pursue their dreams!